Usagi Village Environment Painting

Usagi Village is an environment piece for my "The Primals" project. It is the home village of my protagonist Toki and where the journey begins. The village is secluded in the mountains, surrounded by forest and sections of the village separated by boulders, streams, and waterfalls.

Around the village are Rabbit Statues which the village residents use to commemorate those who have passed on to the afterlife. That is where the name of the village comes from.

I set up the basic composition in Blender (special thanks to Nikolay Petrovich for the base Japanese Minka House model, which I used as the basis for the village houses. You can see the model here: Then I made some lighting and color explorations in Photoshop before blocking out the big shapes and adding the details. I also utilized Blender to plot out some of the lightings.