Sakhr, The Immortal Divine Triumvirate of Body from "The Primals"

I finished another character painting for my personal project, "The Primals," a video game RPG visual development "Art of" book. This is Sakhr, one of the three main villains in the story. Her character and design underwent many changes, from initial thumbnail explorations to a first-pass design until eventually ending up with the design you see here, which captures her essence of having physical strength and enhanced reflexes and durability. There was even a time when Sakhr was meant to be a man, but I think the gender swap is more exciting and enhances the character in design and personality.

Everything was designed from sketch to the final painting in Photoshop. After developing the weapon in sketch form, I utilized Blender to help me imagine it in a 3D space. I am excited to share this latest addition to my original character design painting collection!

Here is a short character profile:
Sakhr is one of the Immortal Divine Triumvirates known as the Triumvirate of Body. She has a superiority complex and a vanity that matches her near-god-like speed, strength, and durability. She also has immense control over her body, allowing her to grow her stature.